20 July 2013

A few (nice) words on the Rain Projects

Hi everyone, it's been a really hot summer in New York city, one of those insanely humid, temperature arrived to over 100 F (37 C) and humidity to over 70%, but this won't stop us from coding, and...
17 January 2013

RainTPL 3 final version online on Packagist

RainTPL 3 is been officially released and is been published on Packagist, so you'll be able to download it from github or install in your application with Composer (the suggested way). We also...
24 December 2012

RainTPL on Composer

20 September 2012

Try.github the most amazing way to learn Github

That's the most amazing way to learn git and github: Try it if you want to learn git to contribute to the RainTPL project or even to create your own repository. And please...
12 September 2012

RainTPL 3 progress

Slowly RainTPL 3 is moving forward thanks to the sinergy of our awesome community. In the meaning time we are also working on the RainCMS and preparing a wiki module to create the new...
20 July 2012

Rain on Cloud Server

You may notice that this website is going way faster, well we moved all Rain project websites on the cloud! Now we are on Cloud Server on Rackspace, in the next few weeks we'll also upgrade the...
13 July 2012

Rain CMS is online!

The first drop Lot of years passed since I started to work on Rain CMS, and months since I announced that Rain was going open source... and the time has finally come! This is the first Alpha...
23 June 2012

Rain CMS is under MIT license

After years of coding, years of thinking, failures and small successes, after some recent suggestions of some big NY angel investor to do not go open source...We decided to do something good for...
03 May 2012

RainTPL 3 Beta ready on Github

Here is the link!Here is the features implemented in the Beta version: Namespace, we chosed to use the psr-0 naming convention (if you see any wrong naming, please...
29 February 2012

PHPcomparison updated

We updated the version of the template engines in, now it test the latest version of RainTPL and the latest version of other template engines.We are happy to say that, yet one...
28 December 2011

RainTPL 3 Alpha

We are happy to announce that RainTpl 3 Alpha is finally on github: Easy, light and fast as ever, RainTPL 3 Alpha is back-compatible with RainTPL 2, the list of...
31 July 2011

RainTPL 2.6.5 bug fix for 2.6.4

The version 2.6.4 has been tested it and used it in many projects. Version 2.6.5 just fix 2 minor bugs of the previous version, here are the changes: Bug fix: variable assignment ereditable in...
01 May 2011

RainTPL 2.6.4 released

RainTPL 2.6.4 version improve all the features introduced in RainTPL 2.6, fix a few bugs and it's even faster:Changes: Output Buffer, removed when unnecessary the output buffer. This change speed...
08 April 2011

Fresh Forums for our community

As the community grows we decided to put a forum into raintpl and rainframework website, to let all of you partecipating and share experiences. You are all invited to join  the Rain Framework...
10 March 2011

RainTPL 2.6.2 released

RainTPL 2.6.2 confirm few improvements of the version 2.6 beta.Changes: Sandbox, introduced in 2.6 beta, the sandbox is now part of the RainTPL. The sandbox is implemented with a $black_list that...
17 February 2011

Integrating Rain TPL into Zend

Using HTML templates instead of PHP templates has many advantages, the code is more readable, if you work in a team, designers will love you, and you'll have more time to focus on your PHP...
10 February 2011

PHP Template Engine comparison

The benchmark now test also the memory used by the template engine:PHP-Template-Engines-Speed-Test/
08 February 2011

RainTPL 2.5.5 - PHP Views

Since the increasing use of MVC Framework, a new trend has surfaced, preference to Views over Templates, so many developers are using PHP templates instead of HTML templates. We've decided to...
27 January 2011

RainTPL 2.5.1 - small fix

In version 2.4.9beta, we introduced the cache. The code changing made a bug that didn't allow to call draw method more than once on different templates, we just fixed this bug, so now is...
24 January 2011

RainTPL published on GitHub

Thanks to Gonçalo Margalho, we published RainTPL on GitHub at link:
22 January 2011

RainTPL 2.5 released

In about a month RainTpl evolved from version 2 to version 2.5, considering first version evolved slowly in about 4 years to version 2, this is a big jump!So let's see the Rain TPL 2.5...
15 January 2011

Website changes

Added the possibility to choose the new white theme or the old acid theme, and removed temporarly the Forum, at the moment for any request or feedback please write on the raintpl google groups,...
15 January 2011

RainTPL 2.4.9 beta

Mantain Rain easy and fast, but more complete is our challenge! So here we are with the new version (in beta), that implements new features: static cache, the output of the template can be cached...
03 January 2011

PHP Template Engines Speed Test

Updated the speed test with more template engines. Click here to see the Speed Test.
02 January 2011

RainTPL 2.2

new tag {function="function_name"}. source code optimized, improved the speed. TPL_EXT constant removed. RainTPL loads only html template. TPL_CACHE_ENABLED constant removed. Cache is always...
23 December 2010

LGPL License

RainTPL is now distributed under the Lesser General Public License, which allows the inclusion in others projects also with different license.
13 December 2010

RainTPL 2

RainTPL, get easier and lighter.The new version implements: 7 tags to design templates. 2 methods, assign() and draw() to load templates. 1 file/class, the code was optimized to make it lighter...
21 August 2010

Rain Framework 1.0

RainTPL is now part of a bigger open: Rain Framework, the easy framework php open source.Rain Framework is a collection of usefull functions and classes to simplify the creation of web project...
18 August 2010

RainTPL 1.9

Corrected bug in {include} tag of the 1.9 beta version, Important updates: Added static property raintpl::$base_dir, which set the base directory of all image src attribute,  background attribute...
23 June 2010

RainTPL 1.9 beta

After many email requests we decided to anticipate the update of the new version, to solve some problems of the older version.This is a beta version so we'll wait your feedback to make it...
14 June 2010

Documentation in German

Documentation updated and translated in German.Thanks to Christian Stefan for the translation.
14 June 2010

Website Updated

Restyled the graphics and the documentation to simplify more the navigation.Thanks to Christian Stefan for graphics restyle and documentation.
12 June 2010

RainTPL 1.7.8

When the template directory is not writeable, RainTPL load the default precompiled template template_name.php (before was template_name_def.php). Fixed some minor bug in directory...
28 December 2009

RainTPL 1.7.6

Fixed bug that caused wrong path replace when template had more images.
10 December 2009

RainTPL 1.7.5

Constant DEBUG changed name in RAINTPL_CHACHE_ENABLED. Set true as default to load cached template and improved speed. Important: filename are now lowercase: rain.tpl.class.php, ...
01 September 2009

RainTPL 1.7

Is now possible to organize templates in subdirectory, ex:TPL_DIR/TPL/news/news.html $tpl = new RainTpl( 'TPL_DIR/TPL/' ); $tpl->draw( 'news/news' ); Can be create xml template. $show_copyright...
19 November 2008

RainTPL 1.6 project on

Released RainTPL version 1.6 online on Updates: added constants:{#_CONST_NAME_#} added global vars:{$GLOBALS}  {$_GET}  {$_POST}  {$_COOKIES}  {$_SESSION} e {$_SERVER} if cannot...
05 August 2007

Memht use Raintpl

05 August 2007

Benchmark added

Benchmark of the famouse PHP template engine: benchmark. Thanks Juozas Salna for the benchmark script!
08 July 2007

RainTPL 1.0

Released the version 1.0 of Rain TPL. Features Fast: load precompiled template. Easy: 2 files, 7 tags and 3 methods for design template. Useful: split graphics by contents, manage theme (ex:...